Hello there!


I’m a 28-year-old mature aged student who decided to do a complete back flip on my career path at the ripe age of 25.


The truth is, I wasn’t happy working in the automotive refinishing industry. In fact, I believe that I entered that line of work for all the wrong reasons and I couldn’t bear to imagine myself continuing down that path for the next 50 years.

I knew that I needed a dramatic change and that I needed to involve myself in something that I was truly passionate about.


To make a long story short; sport became such a huge part of my life and I knew that it was the area that I had become incredibly passionate about and wanted to give back to.


Before I knew it, I had received the blessing from my young family to give up the nine-to-five of my previous work and I enrolled to complete a bachelor’s degree in Sports Media at Holmesglen Institute.

I created a goal for myself when I first began the degree and that was to do everything I possibly could in order to give myself the best chance at becoming a full-time employee in the sports industry.


Despite the unique challenges that the industry was faced with due to coronavirus, I have continued to seek out opportunities with the belief that I will provide value to sporting organisations. Coronavirus affected or not.


In 2020, I began an internship for the London based Esports fan engagement start-up, Espo.io. This presented itself as a unique opportunity to continue developing my marketing and sponsorship skills that would otherwise be put on hold due to lockdown.

Less than twelve months later, I have found myself contracting as a content producer for GameFace as well as Knox Basketball Association, which was recently named Basketball Victoria’s Association of the Year.

As we all know, living a balanced life with study, work, family and business commitments isn’t always easy. However, I believe that my passion for sport and my hunger to succeed in the industry is what has allowed me to achieve so much in my short, yet incomplete, time in the industry.